Bardney to Bellwater Junction in 1960s

All photos John Jennison

The Kirkstead to Little Steeping Railway (The New Line) was opened in 1913 to facilitate quicker access to the coast for trains
coming via Lincoln by avoiding Boston and the need for reversal there.

Bardney station looking towards Lincoln.

Bardney station from the island platform. Short platform was for Louth branch line trains.

Bardney station showing the proximity of the Sugar factory.

SO 1510 Coningsby to Lincoln train arriving at Southrey.

Southrey station.

A Lincoln bound train leaving Southrey.

Southrey Chain Ferry.

Southrey looking towards Bardney & Lincoln.

Coningsby train at Stixwould.

Lincoln bound train at Stixwould.

Stixwould signalbox.

Stixwould station looking towards Woodhall Junction.