Apedale Railway

9th October 2022

It was my first visit to the Apedale Railway arriving before the first train of the day.

The passenger stock for the day was in Silverdale station platform.

I took a walk along the trackside footpath and the shed quickly came into view.

There on the inspection ramp was the loco I`d come to see almost ready to come off shed.
This was the final steaming weekend for Hunslet 1215 this year.

By the time I`d retraced my steps to get to the other side of the tracks no. 303 was moving off shed.

In a cloud of steam from the cylinder drain cocks she moved slowly to the shed front.

Built for the First World War in 1916 this is Hunslet 4-6-0 no.303 (builders No 1215).

Moving up now to take good old Welsh steam coal...

... and then on towards the station.

Entering Silverdale station.

The first train of the day seen passing the sheds...

...bathed in bright autumn sunshine.

This is Apedale Road station. There are plans for a further extension.

The guard stands by the run round point.

An interesting rake of carriages makes for an enjoyable ride.

First train of the day from Apedale Road passes the running shed...

...on the return to Silverdale station.

An interesting collection of WW1 stock in the siding on left.

303 pauses on the run round as the driver can be seen applying grease to the outer curved rail presumably to stop wheel squeal.

Makers plate on bunker.