Train Thur Doller Alsace
1st July 2012

After getting hopelessly lost on the autoroutes around Mulhouse I was too late to catch the first train of the day at Cernay, so decided
to chase the train by road and came across it at the very narrow girder bridge just outside Burnhaupt station. The clearance is so tight
that the train staff warn all passengers not to lean out of the window here at a compulsory stop before the bridge.

The train, pulled by 0-6-0 Couillett of 1912, restarted and came to a halt whilst train staff operated the barrier road crossing here.

A stop for water at Burnhaupt. The railways workshops and small museum are here.

The next station is Guewenhein, where again the train stopped whilst crew detrained and operated the crossing barriers.

Entering the derelict station at Guewenheim in torrential rain.

The western terminus at Sentheim. The rain is clearly visible against the smokebox!

A lengthy break here where passengers can picnic in the goods shed, where there are refreshments, or wander into Sentheim.
The loco was detached and ran back to the coal stage where a skip is loaded with coal...

...and with substantial manual effort..

.. the skip is hoisted by a manual crane to be tipped into the bunker.

After lunch in the goods shed, we bought return tickets from Sentheim, and the train returned to Cernay where it is
seen after running around. The halt here is quite some distance from the town and offers
little in the way of shelter from the continuing deluge.

A stop at Burnhaupt gave time for a guided tour of the workshops where this 1912 0-4-0 + 0-4-0 Henscel Mallet
was proudly shown off.

Also in the shed was this Renault Autorail of 1954 - X 5852

As there was only one other passenger from Burnthaupt it was decided that the steam train would be taken off and we
finished our journey back to Sentheim in a single carriage behind this diesel! An interesting little standard gauge line,
I would like to return in better weather when the larger steam locos were in use.

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