Lynton and Barnstaple Railway - 2016

0-4-2 Bagnall of 1953 "Isaac" runs forward onto its train at Woody Bay station - 4/9/16

The driver inspects the motion bearings.

"Isaac" departs Woody Bay with a 3 coach train of L&B stock.

The returning train from Killington Lane climbs up to Woody Bay with the road set for platform 1.

The present limit of operation is Killington Lane about 1 mile west of Woody Bay. "Isaac" has uncoupled
and is in the headshunt prior to running around its train.

As the loco returns to its train the fireman takes the single line token from the guard at the ground frame.

About to depart from Killington Lane. Photo taken with the kind permission of the driver who escorted me over the track - thank you!

The simple platform with shelter in this remote location.

A later train seen soon after leaving Woody Bay.

"Isaac" climbing away from Killington Lane showing the beautiful Devon countryside. 7/9/16.

The Bagnall makes a superb sight with its 3 coach train as it approaches Woody Bay station.

The signal cabin at Woody Bay.

The track diagram above the frame in the cabin.

"Isaac" brings a loaded ballst wagon up to Woody Bay.

The scene at Woody Bay on my third visit to the Lynton & Barnstaple on 16/9/16.

Todays loco was Kerr Stuart "Axe". This 0-6-0 "Joffre" class was built in 1915 for WW1 use in France.

"Axe" seen between Woody Bay & Killington Lane.

"Axe" awaiting departure from Killington Lane.

Lunchtime at Woody Bay as the loco simmers by the coaling stage.