Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme

Fête de la Vapeur 2016 - Sunday 17th April 2016

Being otherwise engaged at a vide grenier (car boot sale) on Sunday morning my first steam encounter was the 12.05 departure
from St.Valery Ville to Cayeux-sur-Mer seen here near Watiehurt.

The packed train makes a fine sight as it crosses the level crossing.

I managed to see it again at Cayeux-sur-Mer, where we decided to have lunch. Catastrophe! The station buffet had sold out of all food!

A quick rail trip to St.Valery and we partake of the very good buffet on offer on the grass in front of Ville station. Two types of
sausage, baked potato, bread, drink and sweet. All eaten within sight of the railway! A.R.86 on Ville to Port shuttle.

Autorail X-73500, of TER NPC-Picardie, on static display at St.Valery Port station.

Autorail X-212 was running various interesting services. Here it comes into St.Valery Ville station from Cayeux. We caught it
to Lanchéres-Pendé at 14.55.

At Lanchéres-Pendé it was put in the siding to allow a steam service to overtake.

5 minutes later no.75 brings the mixed train in.

We returned to Cayeux on the autorail, picked the car up and headed for a level crossing on the outskirts. Haine-Saint-Pierre
no.15 is seen here carrying the twinning headboard with the 1605 ex Cayeux.

The 1605 ex St.Valery (16.25 ex Lanchéres) en route to Cayeux closely followed by the 1630 ex Lanchéres.

The Harz loco made a fine sight across the fields with another well filled train.

Autorail X-212 approaching "Mont Blanc" on the outskirts of St.Valery in late afternoon.

The 18.45 from St.Valery on the embankment before Noyelles as the photographers gather on the marshes for the final trains of the fête.

Another view of the previous train - I wasn`t quite in the correct location at this point!

The mixed train seen in the distance playing to the assembling crowd.

The mixed train was in the care of Corpet-Louvet no.75.

Avonside 0-4-0 "Fred" going the other way with the shuttle caught in the low sunshine.

E332 with the 19.35 Noyelles to St.Valery Ville coming into sight across the marshes.

Nice white exhaust as it heads away from me on the embankment.

The mixed train again, this time hauled by 6001, running to St.Valery Canal depot.

An interesting collection of freight vehicles and one passenger coach.

The locos now return to canal depot from Noyelles at 5 minute intervals starting with the Henchel & Sohn pacific 231.

Next is Nydquist & Holm from the Kent & East Sussex Railway - glinting nicely in the sun.

A trio of Pinguely no.101, Corpet-Louvet no.75, & 0-4-0 Corpet-Louvet no.25 stop on the embankment nearby.

The crews line up for a group photo, taken by their photographer. Well done lads - a really fabulous weekend!!

Photo taken and off they go along the embankment to the depot.

Loaned from Colas Rail, BB 60002 had been on Thunderbird duties at Noyelles - now returning to depot.

The draisine no.4 catches the evening sun... it heads alone across the long embankment. The Fête de la Vapeur 2016 was a superb event. Very well organised, with so much
variety of locomotives and rolling stock. The staff were all very friendly and approachable and lineside photo locations are plentiful.