Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme

Fête de la Vapeur 2016 - Saturday 16th April 2016

Saturday morning started off wet. I had decided to go to Lanchéres-Pendé station to see the light engine movements to Cayeux.

First arrival at 0900 was locotracteur 0-6-0 VFIL n°351. This was stabled here for the day in case of breakdowns.

Twenty minutes later SLM no.909 appears..

It runs straight through the station, getting a wave from the chef de gare.

Billard draisine no.4, from the association des Amis du Petit-Anjou, stops to converse with the stationmaster.

It then proceeded to Cayeux-sur-Mer, where it was giving rides on the station forecourt.

The Sprague métro set entering St. Valery Ville, with a service for Port station.

Autorail AT-1 from the Tramway de Pithviers à Toury running on a short section of track at Le Crotoy station approach.

Draisine of 1923, from the Association des Chemins de Fers Côtes du Nord running into the yard at Le Crotoy.

View from the draisine as the driver reverses it from the station forecourt into the yard.

Alstom, Siemens 75024 in the yard at Noyelles-sur-Mer.

Mogul 230.D.9 from the French National Railway Museum (Cité du Train) at Mulhouse.

On the dual gauge at Noyelles is the K8 no. 231 in steam.

A special train from Rouen arrives at Noyelles-sur-Mer SNCF station with 2-8-2 no. 424. It detrained its passengers, members of the
 "Pacific Vapeur Club", then drew foward and reversed into the SNCF sidings behind the camera, returning in early evening.

K&ESR "Norwegian" brings the shuttle from St. Valery Port into the yard at Noyelles-sur-Mer. The dual gauge track can
be clearly seen here as it splits into std & metre gauges. The metre gauge line on the far right turns away to Le Crotoy.

A busy scene at Noyelles SNCF station with a local service stopping next to the steam special.

CFBS No.25 brings a train from Le Crotoy into Noyelles-sur-Mer.

Looking back towards Noyelles-sur-Mer CFBS & SNCF stations, with Pinguely no.101 leaving for Le Crotoy.

The mainline special draws forward for stabling, and servicing, in the std gauge sidings in foreground.

"Fred" top & tailing the St. Valery Port shuttle with "Norwegian".

"Fred" now seen, in late afternoon, with the shuttle between St.Valery Ville & Port stations....

...with K&ESR "Norwegian" on the rear, carrying the "vingt ans de jumelage" headboard.