Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme

Fête de la Vapeur 2016 - Friday 15th April 2016 "The Off"

On the Friday afternoon there was the customary cavalcade of metre gauge steam locomotives up
the incline from St. Valery Ville on the Cayeux-sur-Mer line to the summit known as "Mont Blanc".

First up was the small 0-4-0 Corpet-Louvet no. 25.

Second loco was Corpet-Louvet no. 75 visting from the Musée des Transports à Vapeur et des Chemins
de fer Secondaires français (MTVS).

Baie de Somme resident Pinguely 0-6-0 no. 101 was hot on its heels.
Note the different attitude to health & safety compared to railways in UK!

SLM 0-6-0 no. 909, visiting from the Chemin de Fer Blonay - Chamby in Switzerland, has to come to a stop here as the nearby
open level crossing has become blocked by nose to tail cars. This was quickly cleared!

Another CFBS resident Corpet-Louvet 2-6-0 no. 1 "Aisne" approaches the level crossing.

CFBS no. 2 Cail built 1889 whistles for the crossing.

CFBS Haine-Saint-Pierre no.15 comes up through the wooded section next.

CFBS ex Réseau Breton no. E332 coasts up the incline.

Visiting from the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen in Germany no.6001 opens up as it leaves the trees.

On the other side of the level crossing and just out of my sight the locos stop and are coupled together to form a train of 9 locos.

These 9 locomotives then returned as one train to St. Valery Ville, with much whistling, it was superb!