Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme
Fête de la Vapeur 2013

The view from the train as we entered Noyelles sur Mer - 27/04/13

"Marcia" & "Bebért" about to leave Noyelles with a shuttle to St. Valery Port - 28/04/13

"Une Montgolfière" was at Noyelles on the Sunday - seen as we passed the Mallet - 28/04/13

A very busy scene at Noyelles with the mixed train leaving for Cayeux sur Mer passing the Parisien métro.
Also visible is Corpet Louvet no 1, the std gauge Renault autocar in the exchange sidings ready to leave via the
mainline connection, and the metre gauge autorail which had pulled in behind our train. 28/04/13

The mixed train had just left when a train from Le Crotoy arrived in the platform...

.. very slowly, the crew anxiously watching out for people straying too close to the platform edge - 28/04/13

A very busy scene with our engine now on the turntable road  -  28/04/13

Pinguely no 101 on display at Noyelles awaiting its inauguration, following its recent restoration, at 15.00 - 27/04/13

Haute cuisine at one of the buffets de la gare at Noyelles. 27/04/13

Excellent saucisse americain in the covered dining area! - 27/04/13

No 15 bringing in  a train in from Le Crotoy watched by working members from Rosny-Rail who
manned a pump trolley at Noyelles 28/04/13

Here they were in action on the std gauge track in Noyelles yard. 27/04/13

A change of location on Saturday 27th April 2013 - 3714 about to cross the Cayeux road just outside St. Valery.

A few minutes later a St. Valey train crossed the Cayeux road with the Swiss rake of coaches.

Following closely the two 0-4-0 Corpet Louvets on the mixed train.