Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme
The week before Fête de la Vapeur 2013

Standard gauge Renault autorail no 2403, belonging to the CDF de Haute Auvergne, is seen on the embankment at
Pinchefalise on Sunday 21st April 2013. It had arrived via the SNCF connection at Noyelles sur Mer earlier in the day
and was proceeding very cautiously to St. Valery Canal depot.

No 2403 arriving at St. Valery Canal depot where it was positioned alongside the CFBS metre gauge autorail.

Also on shed was Std gauge Meuse 0-6-0 (or 0-3-0 in metric!) "Bebert" from Stoomcentrum Maldegen. 21st April 2013

Already in service was Corpet-Louvet 0-6-0 no 75 from the Musée des Transports à Vapeur et des chemins de fer Secondaires
français. It is had been piloting CFBS no 15 and is seen on the new electrically operated turntable at St. Valery Port. 21st April 2013

CFBS Haine-Saint-Pierre no 15 comes off its train onto the turntable as no 75 returns up the quayside to Canal depot.

The following day was supposedly a "train-free" day but driving from our base for the fortnight at St. Valery I spied the
Blanc-Misseron 0-4-0 + 0-4-0 Mallet loco on ECS stopped between two level crossings on the Cayeux-sur-Mer line.
This loco was visiting from the Voies Ferrées du Velay in the Haute-Loire and appeared to be receiving some
attention from mobile mechanics in the white van.

Later on the Mallet is seen with one coach crossing the bridge at St. Valery on way to shed.

Visiting Cayeux-sur-Mer on the evening of Thursday 24th April 2013 I found several "Route Barrée" signs in the station area.

The reason was that 60cm temporary track was being laid down the street from the CFBS station to accomodate
a visiting loco from the P`tit train de la Haute Somme.

Fishplates being opened to join the lengths of rail in the street.

The following evening found 60cm Decauville no 5 from P`tit Train de la Haute Somme, which arrived by road that morning,
running down the street on the tempory track, laid only the previous evening at Cayeux sur Mer - Friday 26th April 2013