Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme
September 2010

The scene at the entrance to Noyelles-sur-Mer station on Sunday 12th September 2010 as the 1700 departure
from Le Crotoy (on right) is joined by the 1700 from St. Valery sur Somme (on left).

The Le Crotoy train restarts towards the station as a crew member heads towards the ground frame.

The Le Crotoy train appears very well loaded as it runs into station.

Beyond the fence passengers await an SNCF Paris service.

Now the service from St. Valery pulls into Noyelles station.

A friendly wave from the CFBS pointsman to the Paris service on the standard gauge main line.

Loco no. 3714 runs around its train as the Paris train waits in the station.

A nice picture of the 1909 built Buffaud-Robatel 0-6-2  running around train.

CFBS services side by side at Noyelles as 1889 built Cail 2-6-0 no.2 runs onto its train.

Departure time from Noyelles-sur-Mer for both trains is 1730. In practice the Le Crotoy train leaves first and waits for the
St. Valery train to catch up, as seen here. Then both trains head their respective ways at the diverging junction
just around corner and peace and quiet returns this tranquil town.

Leaving Noyelles sur Mer on 20th April 2013 is the Le Crotoy train on the left and the St.Valery sur Somme train
on the dual gauge track on the right, seen just before the two routes separate.