Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme

Journées du Patrimoine ( Heritage Days) - Saturday 20th September 2014

The 0945 service from St. Valery sur Somme to Cayeux sur Mer seen in brilliant sunshine at Salonnelle.

The 1030 mixed train for Cayeux sur Mer hauled by 2-6-0 Cail No.2 with headboard "1889 - 2014 125 years of service" at Salonnelle.

The 1030 from Cayeux sur Mer seen approaching Salonnelle with Lanchères in the background.

The 1115 ex Cayeux sur Mer seen approaching Hurt with the mixed train.

2-6-0 Haine Pierre No 15 approaching Pinchefalise with the 1100 from Le Crotoy to St. Valery sur Somme.

No 15 crossing Rue du Prés Sales before St Valery Canal depot.

Diesel hauled mixed train at Pinchefalise soon after departing St. Valery.

The mixed train seen again departing Noyelles sur Mer destination Le Crotoy.

No 2 with the 1408 mixed train for Cayeux sur Mer leaving St. Valery sur Somme.

Pinguely 0-6-0 returning down the grade to St. Valery with the 1400 from Cayeux sur Mer.

Pinguely No 2 with the 1545 train for Cayeux sur Mer climbing from St. Valery...

...up the gradient to the area known locally as "Mont Blanc".