Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme
Les Journées du Patrimoine - 20th Septembre 2009 - cont..

After taking a wrong turning on the road between Lanchères & Cayeux, the train had beaten me to
the impressively restored Cayeux-sur-Mer station, which has an interesting statue.

No. E332, built in 1909 for the Breton Network, runs forward to headshunt which contains small turntable.

A hose connected to a fire hydrant supplies the water for the return trip.

Now watered the loco runs around its train in the station and couples up ready to return to St. Valery.

The mixed train pulls away from Cayeux-sur-Mer on time and in fine style at 3pm exactly.

Further down the line the train is seen passing under a road bridge on the descent to St. Valery Ville station.

Same location sees the 4pm working uphill from St. Valery Ville to Cayeux-sur-Mer.