Class 56 to Grimsby Docks - 8th to 11th July 2011

(photo - Tony Bradley)
Class 56 no 56311 on 6Z56 from Derby St to Grimsby Docks seen passing Stallingborough station 8/7/11

56311 now seen at Great Coates sidings after having left the main Cleethorpes line at Marsh Junction in Grimsby. 8/7/11

Another view of Great Coates sidings, showing signs of returning to nature!  8/7/11

Some 45 mins before arrival of train at Great Coates sidings engineers are seen servicing pointwork. The road is set for
access to the dock branch. Set the other way gives access to light railway and Immingham via Pyewipe Road.  8/7/11

Driver receiving single line token from signalman at Great Coates sidings singnalbox.  8/7/11

Train restarts from token collection, takes branch to docks and passes under A180 trunk road.  8/7/11

56311 now seen approaching Moody Lane crossing (at 3mph) - light railway to Immingham on right.  8/7/11

Crossing Moody Lane and into dock estate.  8/7/11

(photo - Corin Heathcote)
Superb shot of train on dockside with Grimsby Dock Tower in background  9/7/11

(photo - Mark Thomsen)
Another superb shot as train has pulled forward to enable loading...

(photo - Mark Thomsen)
..from pile of scrap metal on dockside.

A final view of train on dockside - 11/7/11