The Cheshireman 12th June 2010
Cleethorpes to Chester

(photo - Tom Brackenbury - Member of 44871 support team)
West Coast Railways 47826 seen in sidings at Barnetby about to depart for Cleethorpes.

(photo - Rich Stewart)
An early morning shot at Knabbs bridge as the class 47 hauls the train from its overnight stabling point at
Barnetby to Cleethorpes. 12/6/10

Its 0540 on Sat 12th June as the West Coast class 47 brings the ECS train from Barnetby
across Wellowgate crossing and through Grimsby Town station en route to Cleethorpes.

Photographers nightmare! The steam loco at rear of ECS train is shrouded in smoke & steam.
I could have had an extra hour in bed!

(photo - Tom Brackenbury - Member of 44871 support team)
44871 at head of train in Cleethorpes station prior to departure.
Please note that Tom, who took this and other photos, was working as a member of the loco
support crew and thus has full PTS certification.

(photo - Tom Brackenbury - Member of 44871 support team)
Another view at Cleethorpes station soon after the ECS train had arrived.

(photo - Peter Brackenbury)
After an 0630 departure from Cleethorpes 44871 looks in fine fettle at Great Coates and crew have time to pose for camera!

After the disasterous photo at Grimsby I manage a decent "at speed" shot at Stallingborough.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Final destination for the steam hauled special - Chester station.

(photo - Maurice Kendall)
A nice view of the loco with "the rods down".

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Loco and train returning to station in the evening under bridge...

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
...and running round the rear of station...

(photo - Maurice Kendall)
... to stable in the sidings.

(photo - Bill Gladwell)
Nice view of the complete train stabled at rear of Chester station.