The Cheshireman 12th June 2010
Cleethorpes to Chester

(photo - Rich Stewart)
44871, the loco for "The Cheshireman", seen approaching Crowle on 11/6/10, having travelled from Grosmont on the NYMR.

Stock for "The Cheshireman" seen on Gunhouse bank en route for Barnetby on 11th June 2010.

The stock was followed shortly afterwards by loco 44871 with support coach....

...also seen on Gunhouse bank just about to enter Scunthorpe station, also en route to Barnetby.

A quick run up A180 enabled me to catch 44871 and support coach about to cross running lines to yard.

Loco and coach now in yard next to stock. The loco later ran to Grimsby for turning on Ulceby triangle.

(photo - Rich Stewart)
44871 seen at Healing heading towards Grimsby to cross over and run back to Ulceby.

(photo - Rich Stewart)
Now seen Ulceby bound running tender first again at Healing station.

Loco seen at Brocklesby junction, having just turned on triangle and heading back to Barnetby for overnight stabling.

(photo - Rich Stewart)
Nice picture of loco on 3 track section at Knabbs Bridge with New Barnetby level crossing in background.

(photo - Rich Stewart)
Finally back into yard at Barnetby station where it stayed overnight.